Top 10 Extensions You Won't Be Able To Do Without - Semalt Prompts

The SEO extensions provide useful information for various analyzes and thus keep activities comfortable within their browser. Here is the selection of the best free extensions, the ones that just can't be missed in Semalt's SEO toolbox. Let's see immediately what they are and how to transform your browser, better if Chrome or even Firefox, into a Swiss army knife for SEO consultancy.

Seo Meta in 1 Click

Let's start with the fundamentals. With this SEO extension, we get the main elements of a page without having to fathom the source code. Valuable information such as Title, Meta-Description, Headings, not to forget the robots tag, canonical and links, internal and external are all at your fingertips. 

Semalt SEO Extension

Semalt SEO Extension is a free SEO tool that tracks how well your site ranks in Google.

With one click you can see what keywords a site is ranking for, how many popular positions it has and how they change over time. All this is available both for your own site and your competitors'.

How do I install the Semalt SEO Extension?

It takes 5 seconds (literally) and 2 clicks to install the Semalt SEO Extension.
  1. Click the first button - the "Add to Chrome" button.
  2. Click the second button - "Add Extension"
That's it, there you are!

How to start using the Semalt SEO Extension?

Go to the website you want to analyse and left-click on the Semalt SEO Extension icon in the Chrome extensions menu. You will instantly get the analysis data for that site.

Semalt SEO Extension can be configured to work in 16 different languages for your convenience.

SEO meta extension in 1 click

Think of all Seo Meta in 1 Click. The title speaks for itself, just click on the extension and you find everything you need for On-Page SEO analyzes by browsing the available tabs. 

Keyword Surfer

This extension is very useful for keyword research activities while being a great tool for PPC as well. With Keyword Surfer we instantly find out the search volume and an estimate of the cost per click for a certain keyword without having to move from the search bar. And if you like it, add that it is available for almost all countries.

The extension also shows us some keyword ideas. The respective search volumes are indicated as well as a percentage of similarity between the proposed keywords and the searched one. 

The three tabs are very interesting for the analysis of the SERP and the competition: "Traffic" estimates the average traffic of competing domains, "Words" counts the number of words of the pages present on the search results and finally "keywords" calculates the number of exact recurring matches between keyword and body text of the positioned pages.

Robots Exclusion Checker

With Robots Exclusion Checker it's love at first sight. Do you want to know if a certain URL is indexable or not? Ask this awesome SEO extension. You will immediately appreciate its clarity to carry out quick checks on the indexing status. Taking a certain page, the robot depicted in the extension will be coloured by:
  • green: everything ok, the URL is indexable
  • yellow: pay attention, the URL declares a canonical to a different page
  • red: alarm, the URL is not indexable, because it is blocked by Robots.txt or contains Noindex.
It's a bit reminiscent of Yoast's traffic light for operation, but with the difference - not too subtle - that you can trust the Robots Exclusion Checker. In the case of a yellow or red robot, you would do well to ask yourself if it is a deliberate choice or a technical error. For example, a canonical that skips and creates duplicate content.

Check My Link

Managing internal links is vitally important, in order to circulate link juice well we must make sure that they are all working and that they point to non-redirected pages.

Check My Link shows us the exact number of internal links while also verifying if they work and if they are redirected. Thanks to the use of coloured labels, we can at a glance understand which are the broken links to be fixed marked in yellow and red.

Hreflang Tag Checker

Now let's move on to the infamous Hreflang attribute for multilingual sites. There are numerous SEO extensions developed with the same intent, all of which are capable of detecting how the Hreflang attribute declared on the page is compiled. Only Hreflang Tag Checker, however, does check, in their international versions, if they contain the return link, thus closing the circle.

Wave Web Accessibility Tool

An extension that winks at UX Design but which can also prove to be a trusted ally in SEO analyzes. Given a certain page, Wave Web (also available for Firefox Browser) performs a quick analysis to verify accessibility and usability. The beauty is that it shows errors and warnings by highlighting them with specific colours and icons on the page. 

In this way, we have a quick overview of crucial aspects such as respecting the hierarchy of headings, missing and inadequate alt text and much more. For example, it can recognize fonts that are difficult to read and the lack of contrast that makes neighbouring elements hard to see, such as in the classic case of a not-so-obvious call to action.

View Rendered Source

Although Google is continuously improving its ability to interpret JavaScript, it is always a good SEO habit to not overdo JS on your site. It is important to make sure that, at least the textual contents, are immediately identifiable by the crawler. With View Rendered Source we check if JS adds portions of text or modifies some meta tags in the page we are looking at dynamically.

The extension shows three screens: in the first, we see the source, in the second the code as it is rendered and finally a very useful comparison between the two. The removed code portions are indicated in red, while the added ones are in green. Here, in this case, we found some text added to the page only after rendering.

Link Redirect Checker

Link Redirect Checker (also available for Firefox Browser) is an SEO extension that works like our free redirect checker. Just install it and open a certain URL to check for redirect chains including 301, 302 and JavaScript redirects. 


Sometimes it helps to have a quick overview of the positioning, either for the analysis of the competition or for the choice of the site that will host a future guest post. In these cases, we can get help from SEOZoomBar (available for both Chrome and Firefox), an SEO extension that works in two ways according to your needs: toolbar and SERP analysis.

Once installed, we get an estimate of traffic and indexed keywords as well as the trend of organic positioning. Not to mention all the calculated metrics such as the Zoom Authority and its determinants that must always be used with a grain of salt.

The Tech SEO - Quick Click Website Audit

We end on a high note with Quick Click Website Audit. To be fair, this is not an SEO extension in the strict sense, rather a collection of tools that you should always have at your fingertips. It is worth installing it to discover new tools to bookmark.

Within a single panel, we have everything we need to check technical aspects (structured data, mobile optimization, etc.), performance (Google Page speed Insight and others), information on the domain and so on. Convenient, isn't it? Also, because with the myriad of existing tools it is all too easy to forget a few names.

SEO Extensions: Turn Google Chrome into an SEO Checker

Every SEO professional has their own arsenal of favourite tools, by preference. In our opinion, few are really indispensable and they can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Let's mention Search Console, Analytics, Semalt SEO extension, Excel and Screaming Frog. However, it is also good to get used to putting your face outside and making analyzes with naked eyes.

The best insights can come even as we navigate the site; this happens more often than we think. That's why a perfectly configured browser with the best SEO extensions becomes really useful. We save valuable time and improve the quality of our analyzes.

Nevertheless, if you need to learn more about the subject of SEO and website promotion, we invite you to visit our Semalt blog.